Workbook_3rd_ed_Intro (Yr5)

Please note that the document you are about to link to has been revised in a supplement for Year 6 (2001-2002). Refer to the supplement (linked below) for detailed information on revised indicators. As referenced in the supplement, information on indicators that have not been revised is in the Year 5 Workbook.
A crosswalk document that details changes and revisions in indicators from Year 5 to Year 6 is linked below.

Workbook Supplement (.pdf) for Year 6  (Word 2000 Version)  (Word 97 Version)
Performance Funding Workbook; September, 2000; 3rd Edition (Year 5) (.pdf)
(Word 2000 Version) (Word 97 Version)
Crosswalk Document – Year 5 to Year 6