Workbook 2nd Ed



Performance Funding Process
Performance Indicators, A Guide to Measurement Guide to the 37 Performance Indicators
1, Mission Focus
1A Expenditure of Funds to Achieve Institutional Mission
1B Curricula Offered to Achieve Mission
1C Approval of a Mission Statement
1D Adoption of a Strategic Plan to Support the Mission Statement
1E Attainment of Goals of the Strategic Plan
2, Quality of Faculty
2A Academic and Other Credential s of Faculty
2B Performance Review System for Faculty
2C Post Tenure Review for Tenured Faculty
2D Compensation of Faculty
2E Availability of Faculty to Students Outside
2F Community and Public Service Activities of Faculty
3, Instructional Quality 
3A Class Size and Student/Teacher Ratios
3B Average Number of Credit Hours Taught by Full-time  (Teaching) Faculty
3C Ratio of Full-time Faculty as Compared to other Full-time Employees
3D Accreditation of Degree Granting Programs
3E Institutional Emphasis on Quality of Teacher Education and Reform
4, Institutional Cooperation and Collaboration
4A Sharing and Use of Technology, Programs, Equipment, Supplies and Source Matter Experts within the Institution and with the Business Community
4B Cooperation and Collaboration with Private Industry
5, Administrative Efficiency 
5A Percentage of Administrative Costs as Compared to Academic Cost
5B Use of Best Management Practices
5C Elimination of Unjustified Duplication of and Waste in Administrative and Academic Programs
5D General Overhead Costs Per FTE Student
6, Entrance Requirements 
6A SAT Scores of Student Body
6B High School Class Standing, Grade Point Averages, and Activities of Student Body
6C Post-Secondary Non-Academic Achievements of the Student Body
6D Priority on Enrolling In-State Students
7, Graduates’ Achievements 
7A Graduation Rate
7B Employment Rate for Graduates
7C Employer Feedback on Graduates Examinations, and Certification Tests
7E Number of Graduates Who Continue Their Education
7F Credit Hours Earned of Graduates
8, User-Friendliness of Institution 
8A Transferability of Credits to and from the Institution
8B Continuing Education Programs for Graduates and Others
8C Accessibility to the Institution of All Citizens of the State
9, Research Funding
9A Financial Support for Reform in Teacher Education
9B Amount of Public and Private Sector Grants
Sector Benchmarks
Data Collection
Benchmark Instructions/Forms
Performance Data for Rating, Instructions/Forms
Performance Funding Calendar
Performance Improvement Funding