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Apprenticeship (APP) Information

Apprenticeship programs are normally from two to five years in length. On-the-job (OJT) is training received while actually performing a job and earning wages. A program may be backdates for up to one year for benefit purposes. The South Carolina State Approving Agency (SAA) approves and monitors the OJT/APP training programs and serves as a liaison between participants and the VA. For a list of currently approved OJT/APP establishments click the link/button on the right. If your employer is not listed, have your employer contact the SAA at 803-737-2330 to determine the necessary steps to get your training program approved, if eligible. The SAA does not place veterans in jobs/apprenticeships or offer training. Once/If your employer is approved you must complete an OJT/APP enrollment packet. 

GI Bill Information (Regarding OJT/APP)

Did you know that it is possible to use your GI Bill benefits for On-The-Job (OJT) training and Apprenticeship (APP) training? If you are eligible, it is possible to receive a monthly educational benefit check from the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) for training in an approved OJT or APP program. OJT programs must be at least six months up to two years in length to qualify. Apprenticeship training is OJT coupled with technical instruction (minimum 144 hours per year). The veteran or eligible person must already be employed in order to use GI Bill Benefits for an OJT or apprenticeship program.


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