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Information for Employers

How can Employers Qualify for Approval?

The South Carolina State Approving Agency (SAA) may approve training programs when the training establishment and its program(s) meet certain criteria:
  • The employer must provide adequate space, equipment, instructional materials and qualified personnel. The workplace must be fee of safety hazards and comply with fire, building and sanitation codes and requirements.

  • The occupations must meet US Department of Labor standards for VA training, and the veteran must not already be skilled in the occupation by previous training or experience. Jobs for which trainees can qualify quickly, such as fast-food attendants, salesman, or building custodian cannot be approved. Many positions receive approval, not all jobs qualify. If you are not sure if a position qualifies contact the SAA at 803-737-2330.

  • Employers must pay veterans no less than the starting wage paid to non-veterans. The starting wage at least 50% of the wage the trainee would receive upon completing training. The wage cannot be less than the minimum wage as prescribed by the Secretary of Labor.

  • Veterans’ wages must increase in regular periodic increments during the prescribed training period. By the time the last full time month of training the wages must be at least 85% of those a fully trained employee would receive for the same job.

  • The employer must certify to reasonable certainty that a job will exist when the veteran completes training.

  • Veterans in training must work the same number of hours that others in the business normally work. A veteran must work at least 30 hours a week (120 monthly) to receive a full VA check for that month.

  • Employers must maintain a file containing approval documentation, individual veteran’s VA paperwork, record of training progress and wage rates.

  • The monthly GI Bill benefits checks received by the veterans is intended to serve as a salary supplement during their period of training under the VA programs. Employers will receive no direct payments under these programs.
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