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Types of Degrees

Bachelor's Degree

There are 3 types of Bachelor degrees:

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA degree)

  • Bachelor of Science (BS degree)

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA degree)

What is a BA Degree?

A BA degree generally requires students to take fewer concentration courses
and to focus more on exploring the liberal arts. These students have a little
more freedom when it comes to customizing their education to fulfill their
career goals and aspirations. The most common majors include English, Art,
Theatre, Communications, Modern Languages and Music.

What is a BS Degree?

The BS degree is less focused on exploration and more targeted to a specific
concentration. Bachelor of Science students, more often than not, focus
specifically on the field of their major and tend to be more career-focused.

What is a BFA Degree?

The BFA is more of a vocational/professional degree. The goal of a BFA program is for its graduates to go on to become professionals in the creative arts world. This includes dancers, singers, actors, painters, sculptors, etc. Like the BS degree, the main difference between a BFA and a BA program is the tendency to focus more on their major concentration than on general studies.

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