South Carolina Army National Guard College Assistance Program (SCNG-CAP) Application and Statement of Understanding

1. SCNG-CAP funds are available to all eligible South Carolina Army National Guard Soldiers on a first come/first serve basis. I understand that I may receive up to $4,500 per academic year and a cumulative total not to exceed $18,000. These amounts are subject to the availability of funds.

2.SCNG-CAP funds are available for Guard members in an active drilling status and coded as a satisfactory participant. Checking the boxes below confirms that I understand the following conditions:

I have completed Basic Combat Training (BCT) and Advanced Individual Training (AIT).

I am not currently flagged. If I am flagged during the semester, my eligibility will be suspended until the flag is removed.

My Expiration of Term of Service date cannot fall within the academic year SCNG-CAP funds are requested for. I must extend or reenlist or I will not be eligible for CAP funds

SCNG-CAP funds may only be used at State public and independent institutions of learning whose major campus is headquartered in South Carolina.

SCNG-CAP funds are for coursework related to:

1. First two-year degree program or associate degree

2. First Bachelor’s degree

3. At least a one year educational program that leads to the first certificate or other recognized educational credential (e.g. Diploma)

4. Program of study that is structured not requiring a Bachelor’s degree for acceptance into the program leading to graduate degree

3. Guard Members with over 130 credit hours or a first Bachelor’s degree are not eligible for CAP funds. This includes credit hours attempted by the Soldier prior to enrolling in CAP.

4. SCNG-CAP funds can only be used at ONE academic institution per semester. If I transfer to another academic institution, it is my responsibility to notify the losing institution. A new application is required to determine continued CAP eligibility at the gaining institution.

5. SCNG-CAP applications must be submitted ANNUALLY to the Education Services Office (ESO). Applications will be accepted from June 1st to August 1st each academic year.

6. The ESO will process SCNG-CAP applications in the order received until exhaustion of available SCNG-CAP funds. Availability of SCNG-CAP funding determines the number of approved applications.

7. Approval by the SCARING ESO DOES NOT constitute the award of CAP funds. Soldiers must confirm eligibility with the home institution after notification is received from the ESO.

8. I understand that I must maintain all requirements for satisfactory academic progress towards degree completion as established by my academic institution.

9. I consent to the release of financial information pertaining to my student account and the release of grades and/or course completion status at the institution in which I am enrolled in and utilizing CAP funds to the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education.

10. FOR OFFICERS ONLY – I understand that as a commissioned officer I will incur a 4 year Reserve Duty Service Obligation to the South Carolina Army National Guard after completion of the last course for which CAP funds are being used or I will be subject to recoupment of CAP funds.

All 3 semestersFallSpringSummer

I understand and agree to the above conditions for the use of College Assistance Funds.

By typing your name below, you are signing this application electronically. You agree your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this application. Fraudulent application are subject to recoupment and by signing this web application you confirm your responses are accurate. Changes to your eligibility resulting from administrative flagging actions, discharge, unsatisfactory academic progress and changing to ineligible institutions can result in termination and possible recoupment.