Errata, Perf Funding Workbook, March 1999, 2nd Edi

Errata, Performance Funding Workbook, March 1999, 2nd Edition

Please make note of the following corrections and/or clarifying information in yourPerformance Funding Workbook:

REVISED11-16-99:  Schedule of Measures

Section II.

p.20 Indicator 1E Please substitute the following table:

Performance Year






(Year 3)
Goals A Submitted in Spring 1998 with BenchmarksA progress report was submitted to the Commission on March 26, 1999, on progress in attainment of Goals A set for July 1, 1998 through June 30, 1999.Compliance with requirement to submit progress report.Based on progress report on Goals A


(Year 4)
Goals B Submitted in Spring 1999 with benchmarksFinal report for Indicator 1E on the attainment of Goals A (for July 1, 1998 – June 30, 1999) will be due on October 1, 1999. Report on attainment of goals will be due every year thereafter in October.Goals ARated in Spring 2000Funding based on rating of attainment of Goals A
2000-2001Goals C Submitted in Spring 2000 with benchmarksFinal report for Indicator 1E on the attainment of Goals B (for July 1, 1999-June 30, 2000) will be due in October, 2000.Goals BRated in Spring 2001Funding based on rating of attainment of Goals B
2001-2002Goals D Submitted in Spring 2001 with benchmarksFinal report for Indicator 1E on the attainment of Goals C (for July 1, 2000-June 30, 2001) will be due in October, 2001.Goals CRated in Spring 2002Funding based on rating of attainment of Goals C
And so on…  Goals DRated in Spring 2003Funding based on rating of attainment of Goals D
p. 22Indicator 2AUnder Definitions/Explanatory Notes, strike the sentence following Headcount Faculty that reads “Senior and graduate courses are deemed to be “undergraduate, upper division” if the majority (> or = to 0.5) of students enrolled in the courses are undergraduates.” Insert the following: “Undergraduate courses will be defined using the CHEMIS variable COUR_LEVEL, codes one through four which include: remedial, lower division, upper division, and senior/graduate course levels.”
p.26Indicator 2BThe Commission approved this indicator to be measured every 3 years beginning in 1998-99, not 1999-2000 as stated in the workbook.
p.36Indicator 2EStrike the references to “spring” in the second two lines at the top of the page.
p.43Indicator 3APlease add the following information to the Definitions/Explanatory Notes. For Indicator 3A2, the instructor load percentage data element (i.e., percentage of course section taught by faculty) is used in determining the FTE teaching faculty.
 p.44Indicator 3BIn the definition for student credit hours, strike the following sentence: “Student credit hours taught use the conversion chart presented under Indicator 3A Definitions/Explanatory Notes if the method of instruction matches.
  Under Definitions/Explanatory Notes, replace the information for Technical Colleges with the following: “For those faculty whose load is determined entirely by contact hours rather than credit hours, the conversion factor of 0.75 per contact hour will be used to produce credit hour productivity.” Strike the last sentence that refers to indicator 3A.
  Add to the explanatory notes: “Refer to the explanatory notes for Full-time teaching faculty as presented for Indicator 3A (p. 42).
p. 48Indicator 3EUnder part 3, Critical Needs, the second part should read “b” not “a”.
p. 58Indicator 5CThe Commission approved this indicator to be measured every 3 years beginning with 1999-00, not 2001-02 as stated.
p. 62Indicator 6B.Following the paragraph that defines High School Rank, strike the sentence “For FY 99, CHEMIS will figure the high school rank on the top 30% of the senior year class.”*note the header for this page reads Indicator 6C, but should read Indicator 6B.
p. 76Indicator 7FPlease insert the following in the Definitions/Explanatory Notes: Although a student may be exercising an option to have a second major, the total hours required for this measure will be based on a single degree program as designated by the institution.
p. 30

p. 35

p. 51

p. 52

p. 55

p. 70

p. 72
Indicator 2C

Indicator 2E

Indicator 4A

Indicator 4B

Indicator 5B

Indicator 7B

Indicator 7C
For measures 2C -7C as indicated to the left, the Commission approved the schedule for the measures that is indicated in the measurement definition for these indicators. The Commission meeting was held on April 1, 1999.




Section III,

Sector Benchmark Summary

2B, p.1

5C, p.4

For Indicator 2B, the measurement cycle should begin in 1998-99.

For Indicator 5C, the measurement cycle should begin in 1999-00.

Section IV

Data Collection Schedule
2B, p.2


3E3a, p.5

3E3b, p.5

5C, p.6



The Time Period for year four should be “not measured in 1999-00” and the Rating Data Reporting should be “N/A”.

The Display/Rounding should read “whole %” not “1 decimal”.

The Display/Rounding should read “whole %” not “1 decimal”.

Time period should read “Current as of report”.

Benchmarks should read “N/A”.

Rating Data Reporting should read “to be announced”.

Benchmarks should read “not benchmarked in Year 4”.